Game Plan for the 100-Day Trainer Challenge

game-planFact of the day for you… There’s a study from psych professor Dr. Gail Matthews that found that people who:

  1. wrote down their goals,
  2. and shared their goals with friends (ahem, that’s you, reading this),
  3. and then sent the friend weekly updates (subscribe for weekly updates)

were more likely to achieve their goals. So, in the spirit of success and full disclosure, you can see my goals for the 100-Day Trainer Challenge pictured above. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals!

You can also follow Solar’s progress on Twitter at

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  1. PK Training says:

    This is awesome Chesna. You are doing a great job with your blog. I’m looking forward to watching your adventure with Solar!

  2. Kristy says:

    Looks like a plan to me!

  3. Linda DuPertuis says:

    Is there a way to subscribe to weekly updates? I don’t know how, and I want to, even though I’ll be checking in much more often.

    I have the helmet cam almost ready for you. You’ll have fun trying it out, but it’s even better if someone videos you using it, say on the trail, or wherever…. why, of course I’d do that! 🙂

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