DAY 91: Rider Repellent

Muddy Solar

DAY 91. I walked out to the field this evening with the intention of riding Solar only to find that he had applied a heavy layer of “rider repellent.” He had expertly rolled in the one and only muddy spot in his pasture turnout. One look from across the field […]
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DAY 86: Solar Gets a Massage

Equine massage

DAY 86. Solar was the relaxed recipient of an equine sports massage by equine masseuse, Jim Matheson. Solar napped, yawned, and licked his way through the whole process–his way of saying “this is great!” Check out some of his funny faces during the massage in the pictures below. Jim complimented […]
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Day 85: Solar’s Conformation Update

DAY 85. Kelsy and Cheryl Smith helped me capture updated conformation photos of Solar before our ride today. He looks more and more like a sporthorse every day! ** Thank you Uckele Health & Nutrition for the complete supplement program that Solar is on during the Prodigious Fund’s 100-Day Trainer […]
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Day 65 and 66: A Weekend in Whatcom

DAY 65. The best kind of trip is a horse-related trip! This past weekend Kelsy and I judged the jumping portion of the combined training show sponsored by Wagter Equestrian at Sunset Farm Park in Blaine, WA. Solar came along for the trip. Though he wasn’t able to compete, we took […]
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Week Nine with Solar: Stay Lively

WEEK NINE. The other evening I rode Solar in a thunderstorm. It was late, and dark, and we rode in the outdoor arena under the light of a single lamppost. Lightning periodically illuminated the dark landscape, clear as day. Throaty thunder rumbled through the Skookumchuck Valley. And warm rain soaked us […]
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Day 57 Continued: Water Jump Cross-Country Schooling

Solar and Chesna in water jump

DAY 57. Only seven miles from Nayborly Farms you’ll discover Northwest Equestrian Center (NWEC), a fabulous three-day eventing facility. NWEC offers excellent schooling options for an inexperienced cross-country horse like Solar. The main agenda for this ride was to introduce Solar to a water jump for the first time. And […]
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