Equine massage
100-Day Challenge

DAY 86: Solar Gets a Massage

DAY 86. Solar was the relaxed recipient of an equine sports massage by equine masseuse, Jim Matheson. Solar napped, yawned, and licked his way through the whole process–his way of saying “this is great!” Check out some of his funny faces during the massage in the pictures below.

Jim complimented Solar’s topline and though there was some tightness through his hindquarters said that the suppleness he did have back there was testament to an effective training program. Jim worked through tension in Solar’s shoulders and his left lower back. During the ride the day after this massage Solar had some of the best canter work on his right lead that he has ever had.

Equine massage

Solar getting a massage

Solar receiving an equine massage

Solar licking during his massage

Solar enjoying his equine massage

Solar yawning during his massage

Jim Matheson is available for equine massage therapy in Thurston county. You can reach Jim at (360) 359-8551.

** Thank you Mary Hazelton and Kristy LeClair. Your contributions funded Solar’s massage! **


  • Linda DuPertuis

    That last picture is hysterical. I’m calling Jim tomorrow. I broke Chaco on a four hour trail ride. It wasn’t going to be four hours, but we got a little lost. He can run around like an idiot, but I still think his back is hurting him.

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