Day 31: Solar Goes Cross-Country Schooling

Horse and rider jumping a show jump

DAY 31. This Sunday Solar went to Rainbow Meadow Farm in Rochester, WA for his first cross-country schooling session. We soared over brightly decorated show jumps and natural cross-country obstacles including ditches, logs, and banks (see video later in post). It was a fun way to celebrate one month together! […]
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Day 30: Solo Trail Ride

DAY 30. Good weather. Good horse. Good ride! I needed a relaxing ride after a stressful few days, so we opted for a long trail ride to the Skookumchuck Wildlife Preserve. One of the best ways I’ve found for coping with “people problems” is to spend time around horses… Live […]
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Day 23: Solar’s First Horse Show

DAY 23. Solar is aptly named, because he’s a shining star! Technically there aren’t winners or losers in the walk/trot/groundpole class–everyone who finishes gets a beautiful participant ribbon–but Solar put in the lowest dressage score and didn’t knock any poles! He may not have been a winner at the racetrack, […]
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DAY 21: Solar Jumps!

DAY 21. Now that Solar’s confidence has improved as well as his awareness of what his feet are doing, I decided to assess his ability over jumps by doing a simple grid exercise. This video shows clips from Solar’s first session ever jumping grids. Grids are jumps in a sequence […]
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Day 14: Road Trip!

Dog jumping high meme

DAY 14. This afternoon Solar and I leave for a little road trip! We’re headed out for a weekend adventure with Kelsy Smith and her Dutch WB/QH Huxley, also of Nayborly Farms. They are competing at Whidbey Island Horse Trials in the preliminary division. I’ll be the official groom/photographer/navi-guesser. Many […]
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Day 8: First Show on the Horizon

Bay horse close to camera

DAY 8. Cue the pep rally music, we might need it! On Friday I sent entries for Joey and Solar to participate in their first. show. ever. That’s right folks; I’m entering two inexperienced horses in the same class in a real one day event for three phases of fun […]
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Day 7: Happy 4th of July

Thoroughbred standing safely by sparkler

Please note: Pictured are professional horse handlers in a controlled environment. Please do not try this type of desensitization training without the guidance of a professional. Safety first! DAY 7. Temperament, temperament, temperament; it’s everything with horses. You build a relationship based on temperament, not athletic ability, or bloodlines, or […]
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Day 5: One Trick Pony

Bay horse grazing in field

DAY 5. This horse is too much fun. I didn’t have time to ride on Day 5 due to work; opted instead for some quick carrot stretches and ground exercises. Before I knew it, Solar learned something new! Maybe he’d like a second career as a movie trick horse? Day […]
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