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Collage of Chesna riding horsesWelcome! My name is Chesna. Horses and riding are an important part of my life. Whether you’re a professional competitor, an “everyday” rider, or an equine enthusiast, I’ve created this website to connect with others who want to make the most of the relationships we have with our horses. Please subscribe to my blog to stay in touch!

Horse Person by Nature, People Person by Training
Though I didn’t come from a horse family, I’ve always loved horses. I’ve been riding for over 25 years, and I feel most myself in the company of horses. Horses have taught me the path to success is through creating relationships based on understanding, effective communication, and fun, no matter the riding discipline.

While my affinity for horses came naturally, I’ve worked hard over the years to develop skills to improve myself and to help other people reach their goals. I have a master’s degree in psychology, preceded by undergraduate studies in communication, English, and business with magna cum laude honors. I use a strengths-based, collaborate approach to teaching. It’s a privilege to share my ideas with you, and to learn from you in return.

Early Beginnings
Baby sitting on a black and white dogGrowing up I was your classic “horse girl.” I didn’t live on a farm, no one in my family rode horses, but I always wanted to ride. When other kids ran, I cantered. My favorite game at recess was make-believe ponies. I learned to read just so I could finish every Marguerite Henry, Black Stallion, Pony Pals, and Saddle Club book I could get my hands on.

For my 6th birthday my parents enrolled me in English riding lessons. Little did they know then that I would never let it go. I learned the ins and outs of riding and horsekeeping thanks to a cadre of kind, forgiving lesson horses. When I was 11, my family bought me Mikey, a 13.2 hand Haflinger pony with a sense of humor. This meant I fell off often, hit a lot of tree branches, and learned to ride by the seat of my pants. As a young teenager, my friends the Baker/Maddox family gave me a second Haflinger, Pippin, to train from scratch. In addition to my two Haflinger ponies, I also own a Solid-Bred Paint named Joey.

Horse Training
I’ve worked with hundreds of horses over the years–ponies, Warmbloods, ex-racehorses, rescues, you name it. Any success I’ve had in riding is owed to building a good relationship with the horse. This is the foundation of training, and it involves getting to know the horse, setting boundaries, communicating clearly, and being consistent.

Some might describe my approach to training as “natural horsemanship,” but I draw from a range of equestrian philosophies including classical principles. I tailor my approach to each unique horse and the specific needs of their rider. I’ve read, watched, and worked with internationally recognized trainers, including Olympic athletes. I improve my skills by attending clinics, taking lessons, competing, and consulting with other riders.

In 2013 I competed in and won the 100-Day Trainer Challenge for ex-racehorses and chronicled my experiences with the 7 year old OTTB, Solar, in a training diary here. Here’s a recap of our progress together during the 100-days:

Haflinger horse show jumpingSome of my riding highlights include:

  • Working for Helen Bell Equestrian (HBE) in England and competing HBE sporthorses and ponies in British events in 2007.
  • Winning the United States Eventing Association Area VII Training level championship in 2010 on my 14 hand Haflinger pony, Pippin.
  • Earning a USDF silver medal with Pip in 2012 for competing through Prix St. Georges
  • Performing at expos and fairs since childhood, and performing at BreyerFest in 2016

Life Beyond Horses
Horses are my passion, but my life also extends beyond the barn. In addition to my horse habit, I work full time for a mental health organization located in the Pacific Northwest. I have wonderful family, friends, and boyfriend; a Jack Russell Terrier and German Shepherd; and other interests including reading, landscaping, and traveling. I also enjoy volunteering for horse organizations and shows. 

Stay in Touch!
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