Pippin and Endo the Blind Coloring Pages!

My talented, supportive friend Emily Dieleman, a Haflinger fan/rider and artist of Striking Chestnut Studio, created two fantastic coloring pages of Pippin and Endo the Blind for BreyerFest! We will have free printed copies of the coloring pages available at the WE United booth Friday, July 22 through Sunday, July 24 […] Read more »

The Late, Great Arron: A Haflinger for the Ages

Galloping Haflinger horse

Above: Arron, age 32. His last summer at Nayborly Farms. Yesterday, our accomplished friend Arron was put down after a short bout with colic. Arron would have celebrated his 33rd Birthday this April. So, in honor of all this little horse was, I want to share with you about Arron and all […] Read more »

All My Pretty Ponies [Photos]

Three horses and a woman

Growing up I was a horse dreamer… My family didn’t live on a farm and they didn’t know anything about horses, but that never stopped me from dreaming about having horses of my own someday. Now as an adult, thanks to the support of many people as well as hard […] Read more »

To the Beach! Joey’s First Trip to the Ocean

“Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean.” – Christopher Reeve Sun, sand, surf, and horses! The recipe for a perfect Saturday afternoon. This past weekend Kelsy and I took Huxley and Joey to Ocean City, WA for a […] Read more »

Pippin’s a Haflinger with Hops

“Chase Me Charlie” as they call it England is one of my favorite games to play with horses. To play, a few horses and riders take turns trying to jump a fence higher and higher without knocking it down. Whoever jumps the highest wins. Our barn friends Kelsy and Huxley […] Read more »

8 Myths About Horseback Riding Helmets

I wear a riding helmet when I ride. And I think it’s important that other people do too. In recognition of International Helmet Awareness Day, I want to address some of the common myths I hear about horseback riding helmets: Only horses with behavioral problems are dangerous. Guess what: ALL horses […] Read more »

Photoshoot with Pippin, a Haflinger Heartthrob

One of the great privileges of being around horses is getting to meet other people who are also passionate about animals. This month our friend Donna, a holistic veterinarian, introduced us to the artist and animal-lover, Dee Dee Murry. Together they joined us for a fun and educational afternoon at Nayborly […] Read more »