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And Then the Hair Was Gone… [Pippin Pictures!]

Later this month Pip and I will travel to the Haras Cup Working Equitation Championships in Magnolia, TX to compete in the Intermediate division. We’re in the midst of many preparations for this trip, including hair styling!

Like most Haflingers (who were bred for generations to withstand the winter weather conditions of the Alps), at the first hint of fall, Pip begins to grow hair with a fury. I’m a fan of keeping horses as “naturally” as possible, and in that spirit Pip has never been fully body-clipped. But that all changed when I reviewed the average temperatures for Magnolia. Here’s this week’s weather forecast for Magnolia, courtesy of

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 10.00.59 PM

Those high temperatures combined with Pip’s Alpine coat and the amount of cantering required to compete in working equitation would result in one overheated (or possibly melted) Haflinger.

So, for the first time in his life, Pip got body clipped. Kelsy Smith graciously offered her skills, time, and equipment to take on the hair.

As I watched all that golden hair hit the floor, reality definitely started to sink in. Every adventure has that moment of no return–the moment when the crucial decision has been made and all you can do is carry on forward. Seeing my once-hairy-pony turn hairless may have been that moment. You don’t cut off all that Haflinger hair for no reason; there’s no going back now!

Pip beforeafterPip wasn’t particularly enthused by the day’s activities…

Unhappy pipHaflinger getting clippedPip standinhairHorse hair shaped like a heart

Stay tuned here for more updates about our trip. I’m extremely excited and extremely nervous! Pippin is neither. 🙂

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