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Trolls, Grapes, Jumps, and Dressage

Haflingers dressed up in Halloween costumesAs part of this year’s Halloween celebrations, Kelsy and I attended Dressage in Disguise/Jeepers Creepers Jump Show October 26-27, 2013 organized by Orion Equestrian in Whatcom County. We had tons of fun connecting with our friends up North; many thanks to the Gibsons for housing us for the weekend.

At the last minute my friend Patti was unable to ride my Haflinger Pippin as planned, so I reclaimed the ride. We did three jumping speed classes together, and though it’s been a while since I jumped anything of significant height or complexity, Pip was a pro. He won three of three classes. Jumping is such a blast! Check out video of Pip from the 3′ Power and Speed class:

Blue treasure troll dollWho cares that Pip and I gave up practicing fancy dressage sometime in… July? To get back in the swing of things we entered two schooling dressage rounds at Prix St. Georges level. Extra points were awarded for wearing a costume, so we dressed as treasure troll dolls–one of my favorite toys growing up.

Here’s some video of Pip in costume:

Haflinger dressed as a treasure troll doll

Horse dressed as a treasure troll

Horse dressed as a grapeJust for fun, I rode Huxley in a second level dressage test dressed as grapes. Hux is Kelsy’s Preliminary level three-day event horse. Like Pip, we’ve had Hux since he was a wee, unstarted youngster. It’s fun to get to ride him now that he’s so trained and well-behaved, even though he wasn’t very cooperative in the dressage arena this time! He and Kelsy competed in 3’6″ jumpers and the four bar jumping class on Sunday.

Horse riding in a purple grape costume

Our friend Emily Dieleman was riding fellow Haflinger Tony. On dressage day they dressed up as pirates, parrot and all.

Haflinger dressed as a pirate horse

* Thank you Kelsy, Brandon, and Emily for videoing and taking pictures! *

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