Endo the Blind horse and Haflinger pony Pippin
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Help Pip and Endo the Blind get to Kentucky!

This July Pippin and I will be traveling with our friends Morgan and Endo the Blind to BreyerFest Carnival in Lexington, Kentucky. Morgan is renting a trailer so we can drive the horses from the Pacific Northwest across the country with the help of her boyfriend, and after the show I will fly home (to return to work!) and the two of them will drive the horses home.

We are currently planning a route along these lines:

Route to BreyerFestIf you have suggestions for or can offer accommodations for us along that route, please email me here. We are so excited to share Working Equitation with thousands of horse enthusiasts at BreyerFest, and to keep everyone involved in our adventure along the way!

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