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Jumping Fun at the Washington State Horse Expo

As kids, Kelsy Smith and I spent many years performing together with our Haflingers at horse expos and fairs in the Pacific Northwest. Getting to travel with our horses, plan and practice routines, perform in front of large crowds, and care for our horses on the road taught us many life lessons.

As adults with jobs and “real” horse competitions taking up time, we don’t get to perform together as much as we once did. So, for us it was a treat to attend the Washington State Horse Expo February 20-22, 2015 and perform in the Equine Extravaganza on Saturday evening.

Though Kelsy and I don’t have a matched set of ponies anymore, Pip and Huxley pulled together to jump a synchronized routine in front a packed crowd. Here’s video of the performance:

Kelsy’s horse Huxley is an experienced Preliminary level eventer, but this was his first performance at an expo. We were thrilled to see his confidence and focus under the loudspeaker. Not only did he perform alongside Pip with composure, Huxley jumped the big jump held up by human standards (Cheryl and Alyssa) like a pro!

Horse jumping a big jump in front of a crowd

Pip is a seasoned performer and loved strutting his stuff in front of the crowd. We haven’t been jumping much at home but he knows the name of the game–he even seemed pleased about doing some bridleless jumping…

Haflinger jumping without a bridleMany thanks to the expo staff and volunteers and everyone who helped us prepare for, set up, and take down our performance; it was a team effort! Thank you to Karen McClymonds for her photos.

Two horses jumping side by sideThe Equine Extravaganza was a hit, with many impressive performances by the Black Pearl Friesian Dance Troupe, Jessica Wisdom and Kyle Kellmer English vs. Western, Francesca Carson and her tiny trio, and more! One of the most impressive tricks of the night:

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  • sunny lyons

    Good job at the expo! Pippen always looks so happy when you are performing. Cant imagine how special it is to have a friend like Kelsey for so many years to share your passion for horses. Hope Joey is well and carry on girl :-))

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