Girl using a feed bag as an umbrella
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Will It Ever Stop Raining at Haras Cup 2015?!

Mud and rain at a horse showIf you’re from the Seattle area then at least once you’ve been the butt of jokes about “Bringing the rain with you” when you travel out of area. In my case, this seemed well-deserved. The weekend of Haras Cup saw many inches of nonstop rain in Magnolia, TX as well as flood warnings related to Hurricane Patricia.

For perspective, here is the water feature during the Friday night competitor’s party at Haras Hacienda…

Water fountain at Haras Cup

And here is the same water feature on Sunday morning…

Flooded water fountain at Haras HaciendaThe rain was absolutely relentless and wreaked havoc on the showgrounds…

Flooded indoor arena1025150938_HDR1025150928Car stuck in a muddy ditch1025150923Good thing we Oregonian’s and Washingtonian’s know how to cope with precipitation! Morgan fashioned this impromptu raincoat…

Girl using a feed bag as an umbrella

And I was so very grateful that I packed my new waterproof riding boots!

Waterproof boots in a mud puddle

Everything–and everyone–got muddy over the weekend. Caitlin didn’t seem to mind!


And even though Endo is blind, he definitely could tell how wet everything was…

Photo by Morgan Wagner.
Photo by Morgan Wagner.

All my concerns and complaining about the high temperatures and humidity in Texas were washed away. Though excessive, I was not sad to see the rain. I’ll take being damp and muddy over hot and sweaty any day; Pip agreed with me!


Pip wasn’t phased by the loud rumbling of rain hitting the tin roof of the arenas nor did he mind the mud. Thankfully we were able to get the trailer out on Sunday. Some vehicles fell victim to the parking lot…

Muddy driveway

It seems no matter how far we travel, we Washington natives can’t escape the rain.

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