How Long Can You Go Without Watching the New Clydesdale Commercial?

It’s Super Bowl season, and the extravagant amount of money and attention given to advertising products to the American public during this time can be alarming. But no matter how much we may wish to ignore this consumerism; let’s face it, we all want to see the new Budweiser Clydesdale commercial.

As soon as I saw posts about “Clydesdales” and “puppies” together on social media I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist long. Nevermind that horses and puppies have literally nothing to do with beer… Nevermind what kind of message this ad might send to kids about alcohol products or what stereotypes it might portray… Nevermind that I’m not really a football fan and I don’t drink Budweiser… I made it five hours.

Can you refrain from watching the commercial? I (along with several million others in a matter of hours) could not.

Though the ad itself might not be worth watching, do check out the training clips:

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  • Linda DuPertuis

    About as long as it takes to click, that’s how long I can go without watching the new Clydesdale ad. Amazing training video. I’ve heard they’re stalled all the time. What a pity. It would be great to watch them in a pasture for the first time. Now, that’s a video!

    “9 Ways to Tell if You’ve Found Your Forever Horse” made me cry starting with the picture. As I’ve said before, Chaco is an arranged marriage, but as mothers used to say “you’ll learn to love him”, although they were talking about wealth. Chaco continues to show himself as a kind and patient soul. And, indeed, when I first saw his picture, I hoped he would turn out to be the one. I’m forever grateful to you and Kelsey for your efforts. Couldn’t do it without you, (or at least, sure shouldn’t!).

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