That One Time I Barrel Raced in an English Saddle

sewickley-gamingA few years ago a local equestrian facility hosted a Western gaming show. Three friends and I took our “English” horses and signed up. I didn’t have a Western saddle to fit my Thoroughbred, Sewickley, so I put on his dressage saddle with a Western breast collar and away we went…

I love trying new things with my horses. When people ask me: Do you ride English or Western? Are you an eventer, dressage rider, or jumper? Horse trainer or pleasure rider? Professional or amateur? What do you DO with horses? etc. I never know how best to answer.

A single label can’t capture all that I do with my horses or all that horses mean to me. The tack I ride in, or the discipline, or the level of competition, or the breed or type of horse I ride–those details don’t really matter. Bottom line: I’m a horseperson. I find joy in riding and being around horses.

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