Horse Inspiration: The White Lipizzans of the Spanish Riding School

Lately I’ve been wanting to try a different approach to my dressage work with Pip. We’ve been practicing movements required for the highest level of dressage–Grand Prix–but we keep bumping into the same gaps/challenges in our training that prevent us from making significant progress. One way I stay motivated and […] Read more »

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ride 2013

It’s the time of year in which many of us can’t resist dressing up our animals–and/or ourselves–in ridiculous holiday-themed attire… Pip and I are plugging away at dressage–learning together how to prance and dance gracefully. Our goal for the New Year is to continue our dressage training to compete once […] Read more »

Horse Inspiration: Isabell Werth and Satchmo Ride Bareback for Fun

Makes me smile to see that even Olympic riders–arguably some of the most polished and professional riders out there–still like to hop on bareback and have fun with their horses! My own foray into dressage began exactly like this–riding bareback in a halter on an older dressage “schoolmaster” and simply […] Read more »

Horse Inspiration: Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro Win Every Dressage Record in the World

British rider and double Olympic gold medalist Charlotte Dujardin and her horse Valegro are again world record holders in dressage. They scored a 93.975% in the Grand Prix freestyle at the Olympia Horse Show in London on December 17, 2013, breaking the previous freestyle world record set by Edward Gal […] Read more »

Trolls, Grapes, Jumps, and Dressage

As part of this year’s Halloween celebrations, Kelsy and I attended Dressage in Disguise/Jeepers Creepers Jump Show October 26-27, 2013 organized by Orion Equestrian in Whatcom County. We had tons of fun connecting with our friends up North; many thanks to the Gibsons for housing us for the weekend. At […] Read more »