Many Thanks for Your Support in the 100-Day Trainer Challenge

I’ve received tremendous support during the Prodigious Fund’s 100-Day Trainer Challenge. I want to take a moment to thank you all for reading and following along. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your feedback, stories, and kindness during this process. And I look forward to staying connected. Even though the majority […] Read more »

Day 100: The Challenge

DAY 100. What a day with Solar! This ex-racehorse proved to himself and to many more that if given a chance, racehorses can be winners off the track too. We concluded our 100-days together by earning the top spot in the 100-Day Trainer Challenge after three judged phases. Check out […] Read more »

Week Nine with Solar: Stay Lively

WEEK NINE. The other evening I rode Solar in a thunderstorm. It was late, and dark, and we rode in the outdoor arena under the light of a single lamppost. Lightning periodically illuminated the dark landscape, clear as day. Throaty thunder rumbled through the Skookumchuck Valley. And warm rain soaked us […] Read more »

Day 57 Continued: Water Jump Cross-Country Schooling

Solar and Chesna in water jump

DAY 57. Only seven miles from Nayborly Farms you’ll discover Northwest Equestrian Center (NWEC), a fabulous three-day eventing facility. NWEC offers excellent schooling options for an inexperienced cross-country horse like Solar. The main agenda for this ride was to introduce Solar to a water jump for the first time. And […] Read more »

DAY 50: Solar’s Conformation Progress Report

DAY 50. Move over Brad Pitt, here’s an updated conformation picture of Solar halfway through the 100-Day Trainer Challenge. Solar’s been in excellent health and soundness from day one, so he doesn’t look tremendously different. But there are some changes. Since he’s been in the field, his color has bleached from […] Read more »