Day 44: Typical Training Ride with Solar

Horse cantering in the woods

Featured below is video footage from an “average” training ride with Solar, narrated to explain what we are doing. Lately we’ve been starting our rides with a brief trail ride and some hillwork. In the video we work on counter-bending, moving the shoulders, establishing rhythm and relaxation, and transitions. We […]
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Solar is as Pretty as a Picture

Portrait of Solar by Emily Dieleman

This beautiful portrait of Solar was done by my friend Emily Dieleman. Many wonderful people have been supporting Solar and I so far in the Prodigious Fund’s 100-Day Trainer Challenge. I wanted to recognize these folks with a thank you gesture, but with what? A lock of Solar’s hair? A hoofprint […]
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Day 30: Solo Trail Ride

DAY 30. Good weather. Good horse. Good ride! I needed a relaxing ride after a stressful few days, so we opted for a long trail ride to the Skookumchuck Wildlife Preserve. One of the best ways I’ve found for coping with “people problems” is to spend time around horses… Live […]
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