8 Myths About Horseback Riding Helmets

I wear a riding helmet when I ride. And I think it’s important that other people do too. In recognition of International Helmet Awareness Day, I want to address some of the common myths I hear about horseback riding helmets: Only horses with behavioral problems are dangerous. Guess what: ALL horses […] Read more »

10 Affirmations to Tell Yourself in the Cross-Country Startbox

If you’re a 3-day eventer then you’ll agree —> Before cross-country you need to psyche yourself up, not psyche yourself out! To improve your mental game, many sport psychologists suggest using positive affirmations and self-talk. An affirmation is simply a true statement that you can repeat to yourself to focus your mind, […] Read more »

Developing Trust with Your Horse

Last weekend I had the opportunity to ride at the Washington State Horse Expo. With the help of my Haflinger Pippin, and friends Kelsy and Huxley, we demonstrated and discussed trust between horse and rider. Here’s a summary… “Trust (verb): to rely upon or place confidence in someone or something.” […] Read more »

6 Signs that Your Groundwork Needs Work

White horse kicking at a person

The relationship you create with your horse starts with how you two interact together on the ground. Here are some telltale signs that you could be more conscious of the groundwork you are doing with your horse(s): Your horse bites, kicks, pins their ears, rears, or strikes when you are […] Read more »

50 Popular Horse Names

Looking for a name for your equine partner? From years around horses, I’ve noticed some trends in popular horse names in America! Here’s a list of common horse names in the United States: Ace Allegro or Allegra Belle or Bella Blaze Blondie Bo Buck Chance Charlie Coco Corey Dakota Diva […] Read more »