100-Day Challenge

Day 57: Just Another Friday with Solar (in Pictures)

Horse's reflection in waterDay 57. No better way to spend a Friday evening than with an obliging horse and a supportive friends at a perfect venue. Northwest Equestrian Center is one of the most beautiful equestrian properties in Thurston County. Expansive skyline, evergreen trees, riverfront, and acres and acres of horse playground just minutes from my own neighborhood! Enjoy these pictures from Solar’s cross-country schooling session and first time in a water jump. VIDEO clips and commentary are featured in this follow-up post.

Solar and Chesna smiling

Girl getting on horse using a truck tailgate

Chesna and Solar trotting

Horse and rider cantering in a field

Thoroughbred horse cantering

Close up of Solar in the bridle

Solar in canter

Solar and Chesna standing in the water jump

Horse trotting in water

Horse cantering through a water jump

Bay horse cantering through water jump

Horse cantering in water

Cantering in water jump

Solar getting splashed in water jump

Horse splashing through water jump

Horse cantering through water

Horse jumping into a water jump


Solar pawing the water with his hoof

Solar jumping a pile of logs

Horse and rider picking apples from a tree


  • Jessica

    What a beautiful spot! Solar looks so relaxed and happy. I love seeing how his ears go from alert to flicking back and listening. He looks amazing!

  • Marilyn

    Amazing pictures! It looks like everyone enjoyed the water. And, if I had the money to buy the property, you’d be the first to know.

  • Linda DuPertuis

    Amazing pictures. Solar has such a sweet expression. He’s such a beautiful boy. So NW Equestrian is still for sale? It’s been awhile. Is it really still a viable equestrian property with Aspen available too?

    Write an executive summary business plan and send it to people with money. Be sure to include the part where you run it for salary and an equity share!

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