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Join Us October 5: 100-Day Trainer Challenge Finale and TB Horse Show

Small child riding a Thoroughbred horseOn Saturday, October 5, 2013 join us for the Prodigious Fund’s Thoroughbred-only horse show at Donida Farm in Auburn, WA.

If you’ve been following along with the Prodigious Fund’s 100-Day Trainer Challenge, you are welcome to come see all five of the horses and trainers perform from noon to 1 p.m. This finale event will showcase the skills the ex-racehorses have learned and the relationship they have with their trainers. Throughout the day you can also watch other local Thoroughbreds and half-Thoroughbreds compete in a variety of classes, such as jumping, Western trail, dressage suitability, and many more. The show begins at 9 a.m.

100-Day Trainer Challenge Finale

The 100-Day Trainer Challenge horses will perform in three phases in Donida Farm’s outdoor arena starting at 12 p.m.:

  1. In-hand Class – All five horses will be led around the ring by their trainers demonstrating obedience and maneuverability on the ground.
  2. Riding Class – All five horses will be ridden by their trainers walk/trot/canter together in the ring in either English or Western style.
  3. Freestyle Class – Each horse and trainer will have 3.5 minutes to showcase what they have accomplished during their 100-days together.

My understanding is that these three classes will be scored subjectively by judges and the scores, combined with online social media voting from followers like you, will determine a winner. However, the main purpose is to highlight what these horses can achieve, create interest in ex-racehorses, and find homes for any of the horses who are for sale (at this time, Solar is for sale). This event will be a celebration of the successes of off-the-track-Thoroughbreds.

If you haven’t already, you can orient yourself to the other four trainers participating in the 100-Day Trainer Challenge and the work they’ve been doing with the horses they picked by following the Prodigious Fund’s Facebook page. The other four trainers are long-standing equestrian professionals in Washington and Oregon and represent several different riding disciplines. They have done some amazing things with their horses so far; it will be exciting to see them all in person! We selected our horses from a group of 11 ex-racehorses in June and have been training them on behalf of their owners to start a new career. Some of the horses selected came directly from the racetrack, others came from their owners’ fields after retiring from racing (like Solar).

The five trainers and horses participating in the 100-Day Trainer Challenge are:

  • Meika Decher and the Last Say, aka “Ellie”
  • Mark Bolender and Dakota Demon, aka “Dakota”
  • Devin Robel and Summer Snow, aka “Rainier”
  • Ruel Johnson and Underfunded Fun, aka “Sweetpea”
  • Me and Solar

The Show is Open for Entries

If you ride or own a Thoroughbred or half-Thoroughbred, this event is also an opportunity for you to join in the fun and show what your horse can do! This is a schooling show and there are many different opportunities for participation, including riding and leadline classes. The class list and entries are available here. Post-entries are accepted.

Spectators are Welcome!

There is no fee for attending, but if you want, donations can be made to the Prodigious Fund to support their efforts to help ex-racehorses find careers after racing. Please note that this is an outdoor equestrian event. Dress for the weather, wear close-toed shoes, and perhaps bring your own chair (I don’t think there will be seating available for large numbers of people). There will be a food vendor and restrooms available on-site.

After Solar’s performance please feel free to come find us at his stall. You can meet him in person and ask any questions you might have about him! Remember too that Solar has very limited show experience (only what he has done with me this summer), so this will be a new environment for him. Also, for non-horse folks who are coming to watch, Solar is not as trained as my personal horses; I have had him for less time, and he is not owned by me. He and the other horses in the 100-Day Trainer Challenge are just beginning their careers as show horses. The hope is that we will all have a fun, educational, and safe day!

If you won’t be able to attend in person, don’t worry! I’ll ask someone to video the performances and an update will be posted here on my blog after the event.

You can find directions to the show facility, Donida Farms, here. Questions about the show or facility should be directed to the show organizer(s). Thanks!

** Picture credit to the Prodigious Fund **

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