100-Day Challenge

DAY 21: Solar Jumps!

solar-jumping-blue-barrelsDAY 21. Now that Solar’s confidence has improved as well as his awareness of what his feet are doing, I decided to assess his ability over jumps by doing a simple grid exercise. This video shows clips from Solar’s first session ever jumping grids. Grids are jumps in a sequence with a specific number of steps in between the jumps.

Solar has excellent jump form! He has not had any prior jump training, so what you see here is his natural technique. I’m very impressed that he maintains a steady rythym approaching the jumps, does not jump over his shoulders, and has tidy knees.

Solar definitely shows aptitude for jumping. We will continue with some basic jump training in the weeks to come. Even if he does not end up with a jump rider in the future, jump training will build his strength, boldness, and ability to think on his feet–traits that will help him in any discipline.

Remember: Thanks to the support of Chehalis Valley Pony Club, Solar is attending his first horse show on Saturday, July 20! Stay tuned for updates.

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