Horses standing together

Joey Goes Cross-Country Schooling at Aspen Farms

Horses standing together
Specks, Huxley, and Joey

Hands down, cross-country jump schooling is my favorite riding activity. When you go schooling, you have free choice of the course! You can jump anything that you and your horse are up for! It’s full of possibilities, and it’s an excellent training opportunity to develop your relationship with your horse.

Aspen Farms in Yelm, WA is one of the nicest three-day eventing venues on the west coast. This past weekend Joey and I went schooling there along with Kelsy Smith and her Preliminary level eventer, Huxley, and Patti Mize and Specks.

Here’s video of Joey taking on Beginner Novice, Novice, and even Training level jumps and combinations (this is his first summer jumping and third time schooling):

I love Joey’s natural boldness and interest in jumping. Over the winter I look forward to developing his technique and strength further through gymnastic work in the arena and conditioning out of the arena.Horse jumping into water

Someday maybe Joey will be ready to take on the BIG jumps!

Horses standing by a jump

Here’s video of Huxley and Kelsy schooling some of the bigger jumps at Aspen Farms:

* Photos by Cheryl Smith.

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