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pip-dressageI grew up riding Haflinger horses, and my first two horses–Mikey and Pippin–are Haflingers. Though I now ride, own, and work with a variety of horse breeds, I think I may always be known as a “Haflinger girl” due to the many years that I’ve competed, trained, and showcased the Haflinger breed. Some of my fondest riding memories are of performing with my Haflingers at various expos, fairs, and venues throughout the Pacific Northwest. In the process, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many supportive Haflinger enthusiasts and learn more about the breed up close and personal.

Interested in learning more about Haflinger horses? Find resources and information below:

Haflinger Resources

  • American Haflinger Registry (AHR) – The AHR is the official breed registry for the Haflinger horse in the United States. Anyone can become a member of the AHR to support their efforts. You can follow AHR on Facebook, here.
  • Haflinger Horses – This website is the most comprehensive website on the Internet for information and resources related to Haflinger horses. You can find pictures, stories, and news about Haflingers throughout the world, as well as Haflingers for sale and links to additional resources. This site has received over half a million visitors.
  • World Haflinger Federation – Founded in 1976, this international organization is a global force in Haflinger breeding and standards.
  • Haflinger Owners Promotional Enterprise (HOPE) – HOPE is an organization in the United States dedicated to showcasing Haflinger versatility and promoting the breed.

Haflingers Groups on Facebook

  • Haflinger Friends Worldwide – This is an open group for anyone, anywhere who owns or loves Haflingers. It started as an offshoot of the popular Yahoo group of the same name. It’s a place to share stories about Haflingers, ask questions, or find Haflingers or Haflinger items for sale.
  • Haflingers Out West – This open group is for Haflinger owners and enthusiasts located in the Western half of the United States.
  • Haflingers for Sale – You can list or find Haflingers for sale posted in this open group.
  • The Haflinger Rescue Project – This closed group is designed to help Haflingers or Haflinger-crosses who are in need of rescue or rehoming.

* Please note: I am not responsible for the content posted on other websites and/or groups. Use other websites at your own risk. 

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