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Horse Inspiration: Ben Maher Discusses Show Jumping Success

Yes, the above video is a promo. But there’s something to be said about a mainstream consumer brand producing a video highlighting the significance of the relationship between horse and rider. The British do love their equestrian sport.

Ben Maher is a British show jumper and the reigning Olympic Gold medalist. This promo showcases the importance of developing a partnership with your horse. As Rob Hoekstra says in the clip, “the partnership between horse and rider is vital. You’ve got to love your horse, and he’s got to love you, and you’ve got to work with each other every day.” This is a fundamental truth throughout the horse world; whether you’re an elite show jumper or an everyday trail rider, the partnership we create with our horses is what fuels our passion and drives us toward success in the show ring.

Mayer says, “Creating a bond between horse and rider is key.” I agree! Do you?

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