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Pip to Showcase Working Equitation at BreyerFest Carnival in Kentucky!

BreyerFest Carnival July 22-24, 2016Pippin and I have been invited to participate in daily demonstrations of Working Equitation at BreyerFest Carnival at the Kentucky Horse Park, July 22-24. We are excited to highlight the growing sport of Working Equitation to a national audience and also to represent Haflinger horses at BreyerFest!

I’ve dreamed of riding one of my horses at the Kentucky Horse Park since I first visited there aged 14 with my mom and our friend Carol. I probably wouldn’t have guessed that Pip would be the horse (pony!) to take me there, but this event couldn’t be more fitting for him. Over 10,000 people come to BreyerFest each year–many are kids and all are horse enthusiasts. Pip will be able to meet and greet with visitors at his stall and also perform with other talented Working Equitation horses and riders each day. To get there, we will travel about 2,500 miles each way with our friends Morgan and Endo the Blind, who are also participating in the performances.

Misty and Stormy Breyer HorsesAs a horse-crazy little girl living in the city with no horses of my own, Breyer model horses were hands down my favorite toys. In fact, my original desire to learn to ride peaked at age 5 when I was given Breyer models of my then-literary heroes: Misty of Chincoteague and her foal Stormy. All of my Breyer horses had names, and I would spend hours imagining their personality traits, designing barns and paddocks with blocks, and soliciting my little sister and friends to partake in the games. If anyone told my nerdy-horse girl childhood self that I would get to ride at BreyerFest, she would have been over the moon!

Many thanks to BreyerFest and Ashley Slack Waller for organizing this showcase and for inviting us; we are so excited! You can follow along with our trip on this blog and stay tuned to the BreyerFest Blog 2016, here.

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