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In Pictures: Aspen Farms Horse Trials Natural Migrations Intermediate

White horse galloping on cross-countryPhotos from the Aspen Farms Horse Trials $3,000 Intermediate division, sponsored by Natural Migrations, September 6-8, 2013. Maya Black and Doesn’t Play Fair led the division from start to finish on their dressage score of 25.2. Prizes to first included $1,500 cash from Natural Migrations, Dubarry boots, a NWEP cooler, and more. Full class results are available online at Startbox Scoring, here.

Close up of dressage horse and rider

Profile shot of chestnut dressage horse

Intermediate extended trot

Intermediate chevron cross-country fence

Maya Black riding cross-country

Intermedia water jump

Crowd watching Intermediate cross-country jumping

Anni Grandia riding cross-country

Grey horse galloping into water

Intermediate cross-country gallop

Intermediate cross-country ditch

Gallop cross-country horse

Horse jumping Intermedia brush cross-country fence

Thoroughbred horse galloping cross-country

Intermediate cross-country corner jump

Horse and rider show jumping

Space needle themed horse jump

Anni Grandia show jumping

Horse jumping rainbow painted show jump

Intermediate horse jumping stadium

Grey horse show jumping Intermediate level

Close up picture of cantering horse

Intermediate show jumping

Narrow Intermediate show jump

Maya Black and Doesn't Play Fair winners parade

Doesn't Play Fair looking at the camera

* Three dressage pictures taken by Linda Dupertuis; edited by Chesna Klimek. All other photos copyright Chesna Klimek.

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  • Linda DuPertuis

    Wow those are some exceptional shots. Is that Kelsey’s good camera, or all just amazing talent on your part? Talent on your part in any case. The “half shot” is a great cropping choice. You did a wonderful job of catching the talent of those horses.

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