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What the Super Bowl and Horse Shows Have in Common

You might’ve heard that the Seattle Seahawks are going to Super Bowl XLVIII, and even a non-sport follower like myself can tell this is a pretty big deal for Washington fans. I can’t claim any true understanding or appreciation of football, but did you know that the Super Bowl and horse shows have some things in common?

You go out there rain or shine.

PistolSnow(GIF from Brain Larson)

muddy-horserace(GIF from giphy)

Don’t forget helmet and tights…

Seahawk's new uniform diagram(Photo from SportsLogos)

xc_attire_web_draft2(Photo from USEA)

The fans like to dress up too…

Seahawks fans in costumes(Photo from KirklandViews)

Spectators at an equestrian event(Photo from USA Today by Tom Hevezi)

And the coaches get pretty fired up…

peteWOOO_medium(GIF from

george-morris(GIF from dressagetothenines)

There will be hugs…

carroll-hug.gif w=492(GIF from reppinthe12)

pony-hug(GIF from equineforeversgifs)

And some hard hits…

horse-fall-gif(GIF from lolshelf)

denver-gets-tackled(GIF from NESN)

And the occasional victory dance…

ann-romney-horse-gif(GIF from BusinessInsider)

little-seahawk-fan-dance(GIF from TotalProSports)

A loose ball, like a loose horse, is sure to be one of the more exciting moments…

bronco-fumble(GIF from gifdsports)

free-horse-jumping(GIF from rebloggy)

You want to avoid turnovers after all…

bronco-turnover(GIF from HuffingtonPost)

horse-rear-up(GIF from sbnation)

But broncos will be broncos…

bronco-rider(GIF from equineforeversgifs)

Broncos(GIF from gifdsports)

At the end of the day, teamwork makes the dream work…

seahawks-team(GIF from thenosebleeds)

high-jump(GIF from imgur)

And remember, no matter how few seconds are left on the clock, it’s not over ’til it’s over…

rider-falling(GIF from rebloggy)


On behalf of all the real twelfth man fans, go Seahawks! (The Broncos don’t stand a chance.)

orange-horse-fall-down(GIF from rebloggy)

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