To the Beach! Joey’s First Trip to the Ocean

“Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean.” – Christopher Reeve

Sun, sand, surf, and horses! The recipe for a perfect Saturday afternoon. This past weekend Kelsy and I took Huxley and Joey to Ocean City, WA for a beach ride. This was Joey’s first trip to the beach.

Covering miles along the shoreline on horseback is pretty much the best ever. Sometimes horses get overwhelmed the firs time they go to the beach, but Joey took it all in stride. Once he got his bearings we enjoyed cantering in the surf and trying to trot over small pieces of driftwood. Huxley, an experienced beach-horse, was a good companion.

Enjoy these photos from our ride. Happy riding!

Joey in the oceanJoey and Chesna at the beach Joey in the surf Joey shadow in waterDead sea lionJoey and seagullsJoey in sandJoey ocean


  • Linda DuPertuis

    Beautiful!! I think I see a horse who isn’t all that sure about a big dead sea lion – unless that thing was alive, which is even scarier. They look about the same size in the picture. Good for you guys for taking the time and effort to go to the beach. Life can just wait while you ride, right?

    • Chesna Kimek

      Beach ride is always worth it! And yes, neither the horses or us felt very comfortable with the dead sea lion–gigantic animal and pretty smelly in death.

  • sunny

    Chesna, What a delite to check in here and see all the film of your Joey :-)) I just beamed with a step-mothers smile !! You are the best trainer for that goofy, fun loving boy. Many happy riding hours to you both. Can’t wait to see more!

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